7:34 PM 8/28/2008


Gravity is the reason we have to buy gas.

Losing momentum in traffic jams is not reported on as an energy waster

and planet destroyer because 1) they don’t care, and 2) they don’t

really care.

Reporters prefer to nag us about reducing our maximum speed. Recent

anecdotal evidence I collected in my 1997 Lincoln Town Car indicates

that when using the automatic overdrive gear, mileage per gallon

doesn’t drop noticeably until 75 mph, well over the usual legal


What does suck up gas is slowing and stopping. If you don’t believe me,

try pushing your car to the store next time you go. Then tell me how

you kept stopping and starting all the way there to make it easier.

The car’s engine is doing the work you’d be doing if you didn’t have

any gas. If we think of it that way, maybe we’ll understand how

momentum is our friend, and losing it is destroying our precious home.





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