The Madness of Crowds

Dear Sean:
The “Church” is supposed to be the Temple of God, not God.
The “Church” is supposed to lead people to Christ to be saved. The
“Church” itself does not and cannot save people. I hate it when the so-called
“church” talks and acts and thinks of itself as being the thing that actually saves
people. The “Church” is supposed to be a place for saved people to go for fellowship
with other saved people, and to be edified, and equipped to spread the gospel
in the world. The congregation is not supposed to be some sort of end in itself,
and because the “congregations” think they are an end in themselves, I hate them.
You should read “The Madness of Crowds” and other literature
that discusses the dynamics of mob thinking in humans before you make an ass of your
ignorant self. You obviously know nothing about Peter Drucker’s influence on the post modern
“church” and how it “markets” and “promotes” itself, so, you should feel embarrassed instead
of all smug. Peter Drucker is the asshole who convinced the “churches” to go after non-believers
as their “market” and sell “fellowship” and “acceptance” and “community” to them instead of
the gospel Truth of Jesus Christ so they might be saved.
The real Truth hurts, like crazy; if it doesn’t hurt, it ain’t the Truth you need to Live.
Your problem is you goto church and sit and act and think and live like a passive
wimpy bump on a log.
I had lunch yesterday with George Davis, the author of “The Woman is the Glory of the Man,” and
he says he sometimes goes to Grace Bible Church in Pleasant Hill, and likes the pastor there
well enough, but, he cannot sit through a sermon without taking extensive notes and critiquing it and
figuring out what is wrong with it. I’m not name dropping because George Davis is not famous or
rich and I buy him lunch because he is worthy and I like his book and I want him to write a sequel,
“The Man is the Glory of God,” in which I would like him to rip “Man” a new one, m’kay?
I agree with Jesus Christ: Me and Jesus know your works, and your patience, and your faith, and
your labor, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil, etc, but, nevertheless, notwithstanding,
even so, me and Jesus have somewhat against thee, because thou has obviously left thy first love,
the basic truth which is Jesus Christ, and have become soft and squishy and accepting and
too much conformed to this world. You tolerate Balaam and Jezebel and the Nicolaitans
and talk and act like you have need of nothing, like you’re rich, when in fact you are
poor, blind, naked, and pretty dumb, and very very smug.
You ought to be more at odds with and uncomfortable in this shitty rotten world, Sean, and
I am dissatisfied with the self satisfaction and complacency and passive acceptance of the situation
that I find in substantially all churches.
I’m just trying to help you and anyone else who really loves Jesus Christ and His Truth.
If you don’t really love Him, and His Truth, then, sorry for bothering you.
If you’re content to be what you are, then, never mind me, I definitely ain’t your guy.
If you’re not ready to let go of the past and reject this world and reach out for what God
has for you in the future, then, don’t mind me, I’m just passing through.
Do you remember when Jesus said that He came not to bring peace, but a sword?
Well, what do you suppose He meant by that? That there would never be any conflict or
trouble or disagreeance? Hhmm? You assume that the existence of disagreeance and conflict
is a sign of rebellion and malicious backbiting and hating God.
Well, that ain’t what goes on. What goes on is the necessary unpleasantness that humans
experience as they struggle to free themselves from bondage to lies and bullshit and
break out into the Light of Truth. What made you think that the process would be a pretty and
pleasant one, all sweetness on the way to the Light?
Very truly yours,
James Edward Solbakken
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To: James Edward Solbakken <>
Sent: Wed, Dec 2, 2015 6:38 pm
Subject: Re: You Versus Your Church

re-read this as I’m cleaning house & it’s more preposterous than the first time.  that’s a reach of a reason to avoid church:  you’re afraid of going crazy because that’s an inevitability of large crowds?
are you even aware that it’s against my own desire to invite you to church?  I definitely get nothing out of it and frankly, watching from afar the scenario played out when you have gone, it’s nothing but my firm belief that the Holy Spirit of God is the only force stronger than your stubbornness that allows me to even contemplate the possibility of what you may attempt if you did go.

From: James Edward Solbakken <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2015 10:31 AM
Subject: You Versus Your Church

Dear Sean:
Hey, it just occurred to me that I should address your mentioning about criticizing you versus
criticizing your “church.”
I’m much more inclined to criticize your “church” than I am you or any other individual person.
Organizations and groups are much better for raking over the coals and criticizing
and slamming and insulting and demanding more and better from than lowly and
meek and small individuals.
Comma, silly goose.
The problem as I see it is that good potential, like you got, is wasted and ruined
and tossed into the sewer by lousy and rotten and misguided groups and organizations,
like churches.
The principle is, the madness of crowds and the mob mentality. People go mad en masse and
then only regain their sanity one at a time, if ever. That’s just the way it is in this sick psychotic world.

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