Men were going their own way long before it had a snappy acronym.

The big and important difference of the late 20th and early 21st centuries is that the option for men to disengage from their typical role as husband and father and boyfriend is made more urgent by the laws and social customs extant.

A man has to be either literally stupid or literally pathetic to want to take on all the responsibilities of being with women while having none of the authority that needs to go with it.

Say for example that the board of directors of Bumfa Corporation came to you and offered you the job of President and CEO of their enterprise. Then you find out that you would have no authority over how the company was run, no say in who was hired or who was fired, or what products and services were to be offered or what prices would be charged, or where and when business was going to be conducted.

You’d have to be unlearned in the ways of business not to consider that maybe that board of directors had a nefarious purpose in mind, or had some reason for wanting a stooge in the place of a real executive. You’d have to be pretty stupid to trust them, and you’d have to make sure your lawyer went over your contract with them to make sure that no responsibility or liability was attached to your lack of authority.

The husband of today is, legally, a sort of stooge who is set up like a bowling pin to pay the bills of socialistic communistic totalitarian society. Most men are it seems too stupid to figure it out, but not all men.


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