Girlie Men

I never thought of myself as a particulary masculine man. I’m certainly not a true man’s man.

But WTF!!! is up with all the girlie men? Why are so many supposed males so disgustingly wimpy?

My former friend Sean emails me to say he doesn’t want me to contact him anymore. I have to call him now to ask him if he thinks he can deal with a crazy Jihadi Muslim trying to cut his head off with a dull, rusty scimitar when he can’t even handle his friend demanding an explanation for his wimpiness?

We really are doomed if men can’t be men with their men friends. We are doomed if supposed men complain about their men friends being too mean to them. A real man doesn’t respond to perceived meanness by whining!!! No way, no how. A real man stands up on his hind legs and contends for his faith and what he believes. He doesn’t whimper and cower and beg for mercy. If I was trying to cut his head off with my rusty, dull scimitar I’d be disgusted with the whining and whimpering. The fact that mere words cause the supposed men to start bawling makes me sick to my stomach.

James Solbakken



One Response to “Girlie Men”

  1. Noe Says:

    I’m gone to say to my little brother, that he should also visit this blog on regular basis to get updated from hottest reports.

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