Red Friggin’ China

I told y’all that the model for the New World Odor is Red Friggin’ China, because it combines the cultural revolution of Communism with the economic viability of Fascism. If full-blown Communism could work, they would prefer it, but it doesn’t, so they are pragmatic enough to settle for what appears to work.

Tianamen Square

Tianamen Square


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fascism on ascendancy
Exclusive: Joseph Farah highlights admiration global elite have for the ‘new’ China

Posted: September 27, 2008
1:00 am Eastern


By Joseph Farah


If you want to understand where this crazy world is headed under the direction of a global elite, I can tell you.

The destination is called fascism – a controlled and managed mixed economy with authoritarian central leadership, this time on a global scale.

The latest issue of Foreign Policy magazine quotes one of the neo-intellectuals of this movement, Francis Fukuyama, as explaining, “The leader I most admire in the 20th century is Deng Xiaoping, who was able to totally change the Chinese economic system because he understood that communism didn’t work. What he did was throw aside ideological presuppositions. I worry that Americans are not prepared to think in those terms about their own policies and institutions.”

That’s right. That’s Deng Xiaoping of Tiananmen Square fame, the Communist who transitioned China into fascism.

It’s startling to understand how much the new globalists love the new China – the China with no personal freedoms, no inalienable rights and a command-and-control economy in which a few members of the elite are permitted to attain great wealth.

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The globalists are quick to acknowledge that today’s China is not a utopian paradise, but listen to why.

“The thing we get most wrong about China is that many of its problems today actually have to do with the weaknesses, and not the strengths, of its central government,” explains Fukuyama. “The problem in China is corruption and incompetence at the level of local governments and village enterprises. They are the ones harming ordinary Chinese – taking away their land, polluting rivers, getting privileges for their children in unfair ways. The government doesn’t really have the resources or capacity to control [it].”

That’s the problem, you see – that Beijing doesn’t have enough power to control decision-making at the local level. Presumably, if the tyrants in the central government did have that authority, the corruption would end, the incompetence would be eliminated, the pollution would be cleaned up and the system of special privileges would be over.

This is considered innovative, clear-headed, outside-the-box thinking among the global elite.

China long ago, under Deng, gave up on communism, as defined in all the textbooks. They recognized it didn’t work – even though they could not admit it without risking death and disgrace. So they “reformed” China. But the Chinese government that exists today is not an improvement morally from the days of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. Communism has simply been replaced by another form of socialism. It is accurately called fascism, though few anywhere dare utter its name in this context.

But it is this new China that is the envy of the global elite. Their admiration for Deng and the new leadership of China cannot be overstated. They are infatuated with China, despite its massive human rights abuses, its one-child policies, its bellicose threats against Taiwan, its imperial grip on Tibet and its Stalinesque police-state tactics.

And who is Fukuyama, an official in both the Reagan and Bush administrations, supporting for president in 2008? Barack Obama.

It’s not so much that people like Fukuyama are consciously promoting fascism as the ruling ideology of the future. It was Fukuyama who proclaimed in his “The End of History” that liberal democracy would define the future of the world.

I’m sure he and many others like him in this movement to break down borders and national sovereignty and to erect, first, regional governments along the line of the European Union and global institutions that inevitably lead to one-world government truly believe the future they are building is a benevolent one.

They are just wrong – deadly wrong.

They are not leading us into a unified world led by beneficent liberal democratic politicians committed to the welfare of all. Instead, they are leading us into a global Big Brother nightmare existence, holocaust and unspeakable, unimaginable tyranny.

It’s time to decide if that’s the world for you and your children.

There isn’t much time left to be on the fence.

The international bailouts of the banking class are a hint of what is coming soon – a new monetary system, an end to national sovereignty, the rule of law replaced by the rule of men and the will of the people simply a matter of manipulation.

The world is rapidly descending into fascism.

It’s time to resist.


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