This Movie Ends Badly, Indeed!

Steve Sailor Makes a Point:

Le Migra

Le Migra

Friday, September 19, 2008

Non-specific immune response due to intentional attribution error

GC unloads in the GNXP comment section. Yes, I know that the financial breakdown had lots of short-term causes, but we’ve got a long-term problem that people are only now waking up to that he describes with vivid overstatement here.

Consider the recent and ongoing financial meltdown. The forced borrowing and credit expansion makes our society like Wile E. Coyote. The standard of living which we’re maintaining through massive borrowing is that of a 90+% Euro country, running further and further out in mid-air over an enormous gorge. At some point the Chinese will call in their chits — and there will be a massive correction which drops us back to the economic profile of a ~67% Euro country with a 2% high IQ minority of immigrants and a 30% or larger proportion of restive NAM economic deadweight. A vertical drop on the regression line rather than a gradual degradation. …

But can this fundamental demographic factor be mooted, let alone discussed? No.

– Yet can we discuss “greed”? Sure.

– The ineradicable evil of the Republicans and capitalism itself? Of course.

– The necessity of yet more government control over the economy, despite the fact that Sarbanes-Oxley did nothing to prevent this? Naturally.

So — what happens when we can only discuss symptoms rather than causes? Well, do you know what nonspecific activation of the immune system can do? Some really bad things:

A cytokine storm. An immunologist contacted by New Scientist and who wished to be anonymous has commented that “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out what will happen if you non-specifically activate every T cell in the body.”[25]

– Point: a nonspecific immune response can result in the death or incapacitation of an organism.

– Observation: our media systematically causes nonspecific responses via intentional attribution error.

1) Health Care — have you seen these Blue Shield Ads? They go on & on about the “uninsured” without ever once mentioning that they are overwhelmingly Hispanic.

2) Collapse of our financial system — compare Sailer’s diversity recession article to current see-no-ACORN NYT coverage.

3) “Gun violence” in the US — compare Bowling for Columbine to the FBI Uniform Crime reports. The Heller argumentation was a joke, a complete abstraction on both sides. Doesn’t matter whether there are assault rifles in every house (like Switzerland) or gun prohibition (like the UK). Demographics is what determines gun violence.

4) Education — international statistics show “Americans” at the bottom, causing NCLB. But whites and Asians are doing fine.

5) Terrorism — compare PC Norman Mineta’s screening procedures with the reality of the names on the terrorist watch list.

6) Racial profiling — see “violence” above. Soon whites/asians will be pulled over at higher rates to match quotas, with blacks/hispanics pulled over at lower rates. This will be the effect of Obama’s proposed national racial profiling prohibition in the Jena Six speech at Howard — either increase spurious arrests or practice catch and release, or both.

7) Crime statistics — FBI aggregates Hispanics into the white category as “offenders”, vastly increasing the apparent white crime rate (this is how Tim Wise lies).

Every single one of these has the same form:

1) NAM group behaves badly
2) Media reports it as nonspecific problem of “society” and refuses to mention specific culpability
3) The government increases its power and forces non-NAMs to pay for their bad behavior
4) Refusal to address root causes increased rates of taxation, crime, victimization. Everything from airport security strip searches of grandma to gun seizures from law abiding citizens to forced busing into Rwanda-like schools is a function of this systematic attribution error.


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