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The Bible says we are born in sin, and born to die, because of Adam and his sin. Because of Adam, all die.

But thanks be to God, because of Jesus Christ, all can live, if they believe on Him, and endure to the end.

So since we are all more or less born to sin, to say we are born to be homosexual is to miss the point. We are born to do whatever our selfish, deceitful hearts desire. In that sense, when it comes to genetic potential, we are all born multi-sexual, or polysexual, or something like that. If any have had the misfortune to have read “Portnoy’s Complaint,” they will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Our genes give us, normally, sex organs and hormones that allow us to, potentially, enjoy sexual activity with all sorts of objects, images, and ideas. What do you think a vibrator is about? Is there a dumbshit out there who wants to proffer the idea that some are born with the vibrator-sexual orientation?

The bottom line is, they only get away with this sort of bullshit because people have you know what for brains. And they WANT to have that for brains, because real brains would tell them what I just told you, i.e. that it’s not the hardware, which we don’t control, but the software, which God says we do, ultimately, control, and will be held accountable for, according to the light that God knows is within each one of us. Putting a basket over the light within us only makes us more guilty, not less.


James Solbakken


The Carnal Man

The Carnal Man

Boltz shocks Christian community with homosexuality admission

Jim Brown – OneNewsNow – 9/15/2008 6:55:00 AMBookmark and Share


There is shock and sadness in the Christian community over word that famed Christian music singer Ray Boltz has publicly announced he’s living a homosexual lifestyle.





“If this is the way God made me, then this is the way I’m going to live…I really feel closer to God because I no longer hate myself.”  Those were the words of Ray Boltz in an interview with the Washington Blade about his decision to engage in homosexuality. Boltz, a father of four who was married for 33 years before officially divorcing his wife this year, is well-known for his widely acclaimed songs “Thank You” and “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb.”


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The disclosure by Boltz was stunning news to former homosexual Greg Quinlan who is now with the New Jersey Family Policy Council.
“I’m absolutely shocked.  I’ve got some of his CDs and cassette tapes –- tells you how long it’s been around. When he says he’s born that way, we know now for a fact that that’s false. In fact, just last year in March, the director of the Human Genome Project, Dr. Francis Collins, said this: homosexuality is not hardwired. There is no gay gene. We mapped the human genome. We now know there is no genetic cause for homosexuality.”


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When asked about Boltz’s homosexuality, The Gospel Music Association — the group which gives out the Dove Awards — told the Blade, “We do not comment on the lifestyle choices of people in our community.”
According to Quinlan, by making such a statement the GMA seems to be “enabling a behavior that is totally inconsistent, incongruent with the message of the gospel.”


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Comments on this article:
  • “I have personally known Ray Boltz for several years as we went to church together in Muncie, Indiana in 1983-1985[approx] He would tell our congregation that he wanted to play and sing the song that the Lord had just given him. It was so anointed it gave you the Holy Spirit goosebumps. Ray , needs our love and forgiveness too, and all our prayers for his full recovery in Jesus . My prayers are for Ray to have his eyes opened and he can see the truth and cry out to the Lord for forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ. sin is sin, one sin is not worse than any other sin.. You break one commandment you have broken them all.Ray we are praying for you and standing in the gap till you come back to the Lord. we love you Ray..”
  • “I have so many of Ray Boltz’s cassettes and CD’s and have been blessed by his songs. I will pray that God reveals to him that he was not born homosexual, and that it is a sinful lifestyle. It is a choice, and I know for some that choice is harder than for others. I pray that he repents and returns to his first love. (The Creator God) My heart breaks for him and his family.”
  • “Quinlan is right. There is no “gay” gene. The whole idea of one’s “sexual orientation” being inborn is just plain nonsense. The original idea behind naturism is that a person might have some biological or genetic predisposition toward a certain form of behavior. However, there is no scientific proof that homosexual desire much less behavior are genetically or biologically predisposed. And the term “inborn” is used because it absolves one from personal responsibility and self-determination. It allows one to think: I am born this way, so I have to live this livestyle. That’s silly! And irresponsible! It makes one seem like an animal or a computer.”
  • “This is shocking and saddening at the same time. Many Christians are under the bodage of homosexuality and to hear him say that he was born like that is even worse. We need to go back to the times when pastors were preaching about God’s judgment, hell, damnation, sin and perverted life style. More so we have to pray for men and women who are caught up in this twisted life style, that they can be delivered from the spirit of homosexuality, lust and greed.”
  • “Please pray that God will remove the blindness from off his eyes. This is so sad.”
  • “It’s so hard to see someone you would consider in a leadership position fall like this. To whom much is given, much is required. We do not rejoice in the fall of our brothers and sisters. When one member of the Body of Christ suffers, the rest of us do as well. Lord, you can do anything. This fall is no different than my fall or anyone else’s. Sin is sin. You love the sinner. We love the sinner. 1 Corinthians 10:5-13. It’s foolish for anyone to think it couldn’t happen to us. Ray is just different because he is known. God is no respector of persons and so we shouldn’t be either. It’s a sign of the times. Pay attention. Pray. Love.”
  • “There is also a cure for “adulterers” in 1 Cor. 6:9. ?Jesus calls remarried divorcees adulterers. Mark 10:11,12. God hates divorce! Mal. 2:14-16. Hypocrites! Matt. 7:3-5. We ALL stand hushed and guilty before Almighty God!”
  • “Ray Boltz is confusing his fallen sin nature of the natural man with “how God made me.” If Boltz continues to live and teach a homosexual lifestyle as compatible with Christianity, then one day he will hear, “Away from me, worker of iniquity, I never knew you,” instead of “well done, My good and faithful servant. Now enter into the joy of your Master.” This kind of falsely Christian teaching that homosexuality is not a sin must always be spoken out against by true believers! They can silence us personally, but not the Word of God.”
  • “I’m praying for Ray….that he will not be mislead by the world’s thinking that we Christians live by our “feelings” but rather by what God has to say about such issues. His songs have inspired and encouraged a whole generation to walk closer to God and I would that he would listen to some of his own music and turn to God for the answers instead of going by his own “feelings”.”
  • “Hear is a word picture for you: When sin is tempting you, you usually start by sticking your toe in to test the water. Now if you get away with it and you do not repent a layer grows around your spiritual heart and eyes and ears. If you feel bad about it and repent then all is made new and you start again, but you still have consequences to live with. If you go back to the water of temptation, it is not a toe it is both feet or legs, or some may just get so overwhelmed by there own desires that they go ahead and go under and swim for a while. All the while never realizing that they are developing more layers over their spiritual heart, eyes, and ears. Now when they get out their desires voice is louder than the Holy Spirit. Pray for repentance!”
  • “Ray Boltz is a popular singer. He is not better than someone who is not popular but has fallen into the same sin. I believe that homosexuality is sin, nothing more and nothing less. If he is truly saved, nothing can snatch him from the hand of God. I wouldn’t want to second guess God, but perhaps He will use Ray Boltz in ways we don’t right now understand. The scientists can do all the research they want, but I am convinced that the gay life is a choice, a sinful choice, and that it is not something you are born with. If that was true, it would be acceptable to God, but it is not acceptable to God, so it’s not true. The Bible is our guide to truth, not a bunch of studies by doctors! Ray Boltz must be going through a horrible time right now. If he knows Jesus, he’ll come back and God will be there for him!”
  • “Playing devil’s advocate is sec, say there WAS a homosexual gene, and that Darwinian natural selection WAS true, I do believe that the gene would have been selected right out of the gene pool very early in life’s evolution on this planet. Homosexuals cannot pass their genetic makeup on to a following generation because the relationship between gays is dead – it cannot bring forth life. Only a “parasitic” relationship with a member of the other gender could do that(including artificial insemination and surrogate mothers). I’ve heard gays say “God doesn’t make mistakes”. Obviously true. But just as true is the fact that the devil is the father of all lies and that he comes only to steal, kill, and destry.”
  • “it can be explained with out saying i was born that way in most cases the person who goes to homosex is molested as a child or has an over abundance of the incorrect hormone be it testostorne or estragen depending on gender and often that is a problem caused by food not being organic or poor eating choices it is also a part of a fallen world dieing in sin and love of self instead of God”
  • “To the person who wrote: “Its only a sin to act on same-sex attractions. It however is NOT a sin to BE a homosexual.” You need to read your bible a little closer. “For he who has looked at her with lust in his heart, he is guilty of sin.” It is just as much a sin to fantasize as it is to commit the act. On a different note – Mr. Boltz, your music comforted me and helped me through a very hard time in my life, a sign that it was truly annointed by God. I’m afraid that you have stifled the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and music, as nothing good can come from a wicked heart. Please think of all the people you are making “stumble” by your unrepentant attitude towards your sin. You may be “comfortable” with your sin, but you have torn the life of your family and I’m sure they are suffering.”
  • “Come back, Ray. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Watch the Lamb and follow His example of dying to self. I did when I gave up my delightful, deceitful sin of online chat rooms. I did that through the power of confession and obedience through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. The Grace of Jesus gives me peace in my obedience daily to the light HE shows me.”
  • “Whoever posted the comment “Yes, we can lose our salvation” is probably as confused as Mr. Boltz. Mr. Boltz either didn’t have it to begin with or he has simply strayed from his faith while his salvation remains secure. His reward in heaven will be diminished if he fails to repent of this sin. He is but a sinner who has accepted the lies of the great deceiver and is no longer following the “light.” We should pray for his recovery from what was and still is clinically regarded as a form of mental illness to say nothing of its also being a spiritual sickness. Science has clearly shown that homosexuality is not something with which we are born. It is an acquired behavoral characteristic which can be corrected.”
  • “Ray Boltz has lived a lie for many years. The relief he feels in coming out only brings him relief because Satan has finally had his way with Ray. God has given him over to his depraved mind. There is forgiveness/Consequences for Ray as there would be for any man especially as a dad & leader. These words that Ray speaks did not take God by suprise. Holy God has heard & seen every part of Ray’s heart as He too has seen my heart. Ray’s sin of homosexuality is no different than you or I lying. SIN is SIN! We Need to lift Ray & his famly up. They are under spritual attack. Do not give approval of Ray’s sin but LOVE him & his family. Romans 1:18-32. Vanessa in LA”
  • “I think its important, no matter how shameful Ray Boltz Actions may be, that we remember to pray for him, and to bind the agents of Satan arround him. He is bringing shame to the body of believers yes, but more importantly he is shaming Christ. And God will deal justly with him for this. Repent Ray.. you were an idol to so many.”
  • “Clearly a planned event. It is a mistake to assume that everyone who professes Christianity really holds to Christian beliefs. Particularly such a person as Boltz, who merely make a career of their affiliation with Christianity. Today, twenty years after the publication of After the Ball, such purposely controversial ‘revelations’ seem commonplace. Coincidentally, the first self-professed homosexual I ever knew was also a gospel musician. This was many years back, and he was very proud to have shared the stage with Elvis Presley, who was also a very personally flawed gospel musician.”
  • “When we desire to pursue our sins we will believe the lies which enable us to justify our sinfulness. It is lies and deception. We are not ignorant of the wiles of the devil. PRAY FOR RAY!”
  • “This may seem extreme to some readers, but it’s true: Most homosexuals are victims of someone who molested them as children. It imprints upon their souls, and furthermore, there is a spiritual effect that only God can deliver them from. The devil and demons are real, and molesting children opens a door to a spirit of unnatural lust that is hard to shake. Only real Holy Spirit deliverance ministry can free these victims from the grip of the gay lifestyle. I pray that Ray Boltz will receive that type of ministry, and the Body of Christ will pray for him until he’s free.”
  • “Satan NEVER gives up his quest for destroying lives. Ray is not immune. There will come a day in the future when he will not rationalize his perverted sexual desires anymore… and he will be crushed with anguish and regret over his submission to Satan. Hopefully, he will not bear the consequence of AIDS in his body. He will be asking forgiveness for this sin and forgiveness of all those he has hurt … including his Lord.”
  • “I am just reminded about the words of Jesus, that in the last days MANY will be deceived. That just doesn’t mean unbelievers. With the recent worship leaders and revival leaders who have fallen to sexual sin, prominent christian leaders who are supporting liberal philosophies, and the like it is clear that the enemy is working to deceive believers. Come on Christians put on your ARMOR and fight.”
  • “Once again, all of those who “never sin” or at least those who only do the “normal” sins are judging one of God’s children. Only Mr. Boltz and God know his relationship to HIM. No one else does, and no one else has the right to make any judgement. We all sin, even we Christians. NO sin is worse than another. ALL sin separates us from GOD>”
  • “One comment mentioned Holiness – which simply means whole in Christ Jesus. Another person mentioned righteous — which means right before God. And lastly justified — means just as if I had died (to sin and my self). To glorify God is to think of others first before yourself. Then it’s easy to do the right thing! I agree with the plea — Ray Come Back.”
  • “”For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” We all must, through Christ, realize our sin, confess it, and allow Him to change us. Homosexuality is a sin. Ray Boltz has fed into lies. He needs our prayers and a touch of the Master’s hand. Whether homosexuality is determined to be a “born” trait or not, it is still an abomination to God and considered a sin. Read Romans chapter 1.”
  • “I am a non-practicing alchoholic. But even when I was drinking, though the hole in my heart was not being filled by the Holy Spirit, I knew I was still saved. Now sober, life continues to get better toward Jesus Christ and salvation and trustworthy witnessing. To say I was a drunk and say I had no problem would have grieved the Holy Spirit and God. I knew of my problem and eventually got over it. Sin is sin. If you know it is sin, talk to God about it, and don’t think feeling comfortable with the sin makes it okay. We want you whole spritually Ray. Come back. <><”
  • “Matthew 22:11-14 Jesus used the parable of the King planning a wedding for his son. The guest the King saw without a weding garment was cast out in to outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. This reference is to people within the body of the church who are not actually saved, they have rejected the invitation God gives each of us to accept Christ by faith. His lack of proper clothing symbolize the lack of righteousness. I can in no way judge this man, only God can do that, however when we calim to respond to God’s call but do not meet the requirements of faith in Jesus as Savior we will be judge and punished.”
  • “If we can not lose (I believe we actually forfeit) our salvation, then what does this verse mean? 2 Peter 2:20-21: “For if after they have escaped the pollution’s of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered onto them.” We aren’t judging him, the Bible already has. We need to, however, examine our own lives before pointing fingers at others sin. Many (probably all) of us have once believed, but have been deceived by Satan and drawn away to pursue our own sinful desires. Let us remember to pray for Ray and his family.”
  • “Satan controls the Homosexual people easily with sexual rage & Healing is possible if the people desire to receive Healing from the Hand of God. Sexual Desires is SIN when we put such thoughts into action. Jesus can & will Heal him totally when he surrenders to Christ. The Wages of SIN is DEATH– Eternal DEATH! Let us pray that he desires to get away from Satan’s Web & into the Arms of Our Father.”
  • “Please, readers, in the midst of all of this, please DO remember and pray for his ex-wife and his children. If this is a surprise to the public, imagine how much of a blow it is to his family. They will be as inundated with questions as Mr. Boltz. Please pray that their privacy be protected while they sort out their feelings and plans for the future.”
  • “If homosexuals are not born that way can anyone explain to me why I am homosexual and by brother and sister are not? We have the same parents, the same religious upbringing, the same background. Can anyone explain this to me? And what do people mean by the “homosexual lifestyle”? Are we just talking about sex here? Is that the only way we define people? If it is, then we’re very short-sighted indeed. Living the Gospel means that you live as Jesus taught, not as Paul taught. Paul did not die on the cross for my sins. Jesus, however, did.”
  • “Ray, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but if you do: “Watch the Lamb”.”
  • “What is worse? Hearing about a fellow Christian screwing his life in a public way (by affair, or public sex in a minsota restroom lol) Or is it worse if a man is honest with himself and his peers instead? I’d rather Ray take this approach and lie to his wife and family and the family of Christ as well. Ray isnt the only gay Christian singer. I PROMISE you there are more out there. Stop freaking out over nothing.”
  • “Why do we fret more about the ‘celebrities’ and the ‘stars’, rather than about those who are closest to us? Does Ray Boltz coming out of the closet hurt the message of the gospel? I think it just confirms God’s word all the more that ‘men will wax worse and worse’ and that there ‘will be a great falling away’. Unsaved people already hate us because they first hated Jesus. They may use Ray’s situation to bolster their own beliefs, but it will not weaken Christ’s ability to save.”
  • “There is a cure for homosexuality in the Bible. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11”
  • “Some argue that the meaning of the words “nature” (in Romans 1:26) and “natural” (in verse 27) should be taken to mean “whatever is natural for *me*.” But were that the case, *anyone* living in a scripturally condemned life-style could make the same argument. Those engaged in alcoholism, incest, polygamy, or any other Biblically condemned life-style could argue that their behavior should be acceptable or excused on the basis that they are only doing “what is natural for them.” But the obvious flaw, if their argument is true, is that it proves way more than they would like for it to prove—since it cannot be limited exclusively to homosexual behavior—it would also condone life-styles that even those sympathetic to the homosexual life-style would not argue are normal.”
  • “Regarding the comment from one of the first responders to this article as where the person states that a person can be a ‘Homosexual’ with out actually performing homosexual acts. I am confussed, if I think about killing my boss, but never do it, am I a murderer? if I think about stealing from a store but never actually steal something am I a theif? Yes I am aware the CHrist taught that if you hate your brother you are a murderer, etc. I have heard it taught from some very biblically grounded teachers that unless you actually commit the act, you are struggling with temptations, it is when we actually thumb our nose at the sin & do it anyway & make excuses to rationalize the sin, that we get into trouble! Let us all Keep Ray & his family in prayer!”
  • “A person below said that just because you say something doesn’t make it true. They are absolutely right! Just because you say there is a gay gene doesn’t mean there is. It is a well know FACT that those who identify themselves as gay had a “disconnect” with the same sex parent while growing up. Now, not all children who have this disconnect will become gay but if you spend the time to delve into the past of anyone identifying themselves as gay you will find that they had this problem. Same thing goes with being sexually abused. A disproportionate number of those calling themselves gay have been sexually abused. Also, a disproportionate number of gays are pedophiles. No, not all of them, but a larger percentage then the heterosexual community. It’s 100% preventable and currable. Stop justifying it and go to the source of the problem!”
  • “Homosexuality natural? All life strives fiercely to reproduce. Behavior that blocks reproduction is not natural (God or no God). Darwinists must therefore argue that homosexuality is de-selection. Homosexuality today is the sharp edge of Satan’s spear; where it cuts, much greater damage follows. Pray for Ray. He’s lost.”
  • “The shocking news here is not Boltz. He needs our prayers. What is shocking is how the GMA appears to be helping the homosexual agenda. More and more so claimed christian churches and leadership across our nation are embracing this sin and THAT IS SHOCKING!!!”
  • “Boltz is finally being honest about who he is. And people are disappointed? Would they rather that he continue to live a lie and pretend to be a heterosexual the way Ted Haggard and Larry Craig have? As for Dr. Collins, the genome project is still quite young and a genetic basis for sexual preference has NOT yet been ruled out. His message is an outright lie intended to convince people that sexual preference is entirely a choice. For Quinlan, the “former homosexual” and others, sexual orientation may also include bisexuality, in which case “choice” of preference may indeed be more of an option. In any case, there remains much to be learned about the biology of sexual preference and gender identity. meanwhile, we should be compassionate toward those who struggle with this issue in their lives.”
  • “Homosexuality is a spiritual problem, not a physical one even though it is carried out in the flesh. As a minister who regularly helps homosexuals to come out of their lifestyle, I have helped many in the past seven years, and it is not counseling that is required as much as deliverance from evil spirits. The sex act, both hetero and homo, is spiritual. It can either be caused by being molested as a child, or through experimental sex with the same gender. It may also be caused by the use of pornography. There is much more I could say but it would take much space to say it. Suffice it to say, that those who come to me for help, are set free in an hour or less, and it is permanent.”
  • “It is sad that so many are deceived by the father of lies. Everyone has a tendancy to sin–that is our carnal nature–some to steal, some to lie, some to cheat, adultery, fornication, etc. That is the way we are born–we must not yield to that sin, but let God change our hearts. Fornication and adultery is wrong, whether it with homosexuals or heterosexuals. It is still sin to God.”
  • “When I was younger my older brother went through a truly rough rebellious period. I remember watching my dad listening to the Anchor Holds with tears streaming down his face because it gave him HOPE that my brother who was a Christian would turn his life back to Christ. It took awhile- but he did repent and return to the faith he had known as a child. That is my prayer for Ray, many Christians give into temptation and find it hard to get out. The best we can do for him instead of judge him is pray for him and his family during this difficult time”
  • “The Gospel Music Association should have taken a stronger stance on this issue. This was the perfect opportunity for them to state their belief on homosexuality.”
  • “”Hereby perceive we the love of God,because he laid down his life for us;and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.But whoso hath this world’s good,and seeth his brother have need,and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him,how dwelleth the love of God in him?”1John 3:16,17”
  • “I suppose his record sales will soar now that he is controversial. Will the GMA block continued sales for a declared open homosexual? I doubt it. There is a great deal of money at stake here. Now we can find out if GMA is Christian business or not. Me thinks the Gospel part of GMA is questionable at best.”
  • “I would like to know when the Christian Music industry is going to WAKE UP. Amy Grant and MercyMe have sold out to secular music, Michael English had an affair, and now this. Recording contracts need to be cancelled. Shows need to be cancelled. And people need to start acting like these things are wrong, instead of acceptable.”
  • “It is heart-breaking as it brings reproach on the cause of Christ and will just give more ammuition for the secular world to persecute Christians and mock our beliefs. Yes, we need to pray for Mr Boltz as he is very deceived! By the way, to the person who mentioned Kay Arthur–what does she have to do with all this?”
  • “Ray Boltz sung At the Alar I do hope he finds his way to another altar to repent of his sins he is living in–He has been deceived by satan as many has today–They believe a lie and be damned,satan is on his job 24/7 and we as christians need to be on our job trying to help ones like Ray–and our job is Praying Like Crazy–if we did we would be like the people who laid their sick in the streets hoping that even Peters shadow will heal them—Ray may God have mercy on you to repent before he takes that beautiful voice from you to the pits of HELL”
  • “I just can’t believe that this homosexuality is born in you. I may have had some sexual desires with a ten year old like myself but eventually the Lord just took these desires away from me. I have been happily married for more than 35 years.”
  • “Christ Jesus made it quite clear that not everyone spends eternity in Heaven. We have a sin nature, and we live in a fallen world; presumably, all of us have choices to make – whether to succumb to the world, or to choose to believe and to follow Christ Jesus. The devil seeks to devour the mighty and well-known, as well as the ordinary – whether that be Episcopal leader Gene Robinson (who has deceived and misled many poor souls) or the likes of Kay Arthur and Amy Grant who have made it appear acceptable to snub their noses at God’s Word (1 Cor 7:10). Ray Boltz is to be pitied for falling victim to the devil’s wiles, as are those who draw encouragement from him to abandon God’s path of righteousness.”
  • “Homosexuality is natural only in the sense that it is ”natural” to the world that is “dead in trespasses and sins” (Ephesians 2:1-3)—“natural” to the fallen, rebellious, unredeemed nature of mankind after Adam’s sin (as are all sinful life-styles)—and not natural to mankind in God’s original “good” creation. To a significant degree “the church,” and to a massive degree the world, chooses to ignore the radical corrupting effects (depravity) of Adam’s sin upon our “nature” when they argue that those in life-styles the Bible declares sinful, are “normal” because “God made them that way.” In the final analysis, this argument convicts God of being the author of what His Word calls sin.”
  • “Preachers need to get back to preaching on the Blood of JESUS. JESUS’S BLOOD was shed for our sins and to free us from our Slavery to sin. Homosexuality is a sin and I pray that He faces the Truth. Homosexuallity is a choice and there is no gene that makes people GAY. All these people want is an excuse to justify their sin. I use to justify my sin until I knelt before the Cross. I don’t drink, smoke are curse. I left those at the foot of the Cross. The Blood of Jesus free us from Slavery to our sins. Peole need to Open their Hearts to the Holy Spirit and GOD’S WORD.When you kneel at the Cross,confess with your Mouth You need Jesus. He will free you.”
  • “Dr. Collins is lying. We don’t fully understand the human genome … mapping it was only a portion of the project. We still don’t know what all the genomes do. And we’ve only begun to study epigenetics, which adds an entire new layer to inherited conditions. I’m sorry, but simply saying something doesn’t make it so … even if lots of people say it. I know of nobody who is gay who believes it to be a choice. The only people for whom same-sex relationships is a choice are bisexual.”
  • “As a former homosexual I believe Ray Boltz has been blinded by the enemy. On his own website he mentions he will be singing at the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) a well-known “gay” church that teaches unbiblical beliefs of God’s total acceptance of the lifestyle. Ray has believed the lies and been deceived. We must pray for him to know the truth for the Truth will set him free. What the article does not state is whether he was cheating on his wife or simply dealing with the emotions of all this during his marriage. I hope for her sake that it was the latter. Also, has Ray totally forgotten about AIDS and syphillus and all the other diseases so rampant in the gay community? He’s in dangerous territory now.”
  • “Ray needs to repent, ask forgiveness and stop justifying his sinful behaviour. God didn’t make him that way, this is his choice. Own up christian. Christians need to stop the nonsense, they need to accept the challenges that the word says and get in line”
  • “My first reaction was Why? There is no benefit to that lifestyle. It is a road to condemnation. Let us pray for Mr. Boltz that he might find salvation in Christ. Without Christ anything we do is meaningless.”
  • “Did God make me lazy, cause this is the tendency I fall into and have to fight my way out of. Laziness on my part, the sin of sloth, doesn’t pull me toward heaven. Overcoming laziness does incline my life towards becoming a saint.”
  • “Mr Boltz is not a well versed Christian on Bible tenets, commandments whatsoever, stop making excuses for your sinful life style…..repent!”
  • “I am a huge fan of Ray and I think we should all remember just because a man is a homosexual does NOT mean that he is necessarily sexually active. Its only a sin to act on same-sex attractions. It however is NOT a sin to BE a homosexual. I believe that he will practice celibacy.”
  • “He says “If this is the way God made me, then this is the way I’m going to live”. Using that logic, people who want to constantly commit adultery (or any other sin) will say “If this is the way God made me, then this is the way I’m going to live”. Homosexual living is yet another sin in the eyes of God, and be it this or living in idolatry, daily dishonesty, and so on, such a person does not know God. 1 John 2:3-4 “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. 4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” A person can either “hate themself” because they desire to sin, or they can give into the sin, and love themselves while hating God.”
  • “I am sad to hear this news and will pray for Mr. Boltz. Lets hope that his comments don’t fuel the fire of the “God made me this way” gang. As stated, homosexuality is a CHOICE, not in the DNA or “God-given.””
  • “wow… what a body blow, but not really a surprise with the way the church has been on the road to making this lifestyle more and more acceptable.”
  • “This is saddening to hear. I know if not for the grace of God I could be captured by some of the same sin. Not that I have ever had a physical attraction for men, but other sins. Ray Boltz was may favorite pop Christian singer, especially the anchor holds. We all fail and sin at times, but I wonder if Ray realizes what the effect this will have on his witness for the church as being a new creation in Christ Jesus. I believe if Ray was ever saved he still is but this is not in keeping with walking in the spirit. Let’s pray for Ray and pray God will restore him to the faith once delivered to the saints.”


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