Making My Point Crystal Clear

Carnal Man

Carnal Man

I perceive that many misunderstand my political philosophy, i.e. conservative libertarianism.

I believe that being a true Christian is a rare thing. Rare in the sense that our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ said that the road to life was narrow, and that St. Peter’s gate is very small; and that the road to perdition is wide, and the gates of hell are plenty large to accomodate the masses that go that way.

So I entertain no illusions that the average schmuck can live up to the laws of Christian liberty. I have concluded that the best approach with carnal minds is to keep it as simple as possible. If we find our society losing the ability to adhere to the Christian laws we have enjoyed and prospered under for hundreds of years, the problem in not one of enforcement; the problem is the spiritual degradation we have suffered. Merely jamming these sodomites and baby-murderers with laws ain’t going to do nothing except make the rebels even more rebellious.

My priority is defending my right to be moral; and to protect me and mine from the consequences of the folly of the wicked, rebellious, idiotic, lawless scumbags.

I firmly believe that if the Good successfully defend themselves from the Wicked, the Good will survive and win. I think we will lose all if we expect reprobate minds to accept Godly laws.

Or, do you think it’s realistic to expect Carnal Man to accept good laws?


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