Murphy Brown

I see that the stupid idiots don’t remember what the Murphy Brown controversy was all about.

The issue was that the fictional character played by Candace Bergen deliberately set out to bear and raise a child all by herself without a husband or boyfriend. The idea was criticized for being extremely selfish and inconsiderate of the needs of the baby. Which it  was, in spades. What a narcissistic, self-centered, fictional bitch.

And the stupid idiots don’t understand the problem with the 17 year old pregnant daughter. The sin was having sex without being married. Stupid idiot SFB liberals think, obviously, that getting pregnant was the venial sin, and actually having the baby is the mortal sin. No baby, no sin.

As Hussein said, liberals don’t think it’s fair to punish people who have irresponsible, sinful sex with a baby.

Apparently, the Saranator believes the best punishment is the punishment spelled out since the Law of Moses: Get married and have the baby. Or, let people who are deserving adopt the baby. But she doesn’t believe, apparently, that killing the baby makes it all alright.


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