Sarah Barracuda





When I woke up last Friday morning, I first heard of Sarah Palin. The first thing I found out about her was she was the Republican governor of Alaska. The next thing I thought was why didn’t I know who the governor of Alaska was since 2006.

If I was on a game show Thursday night I would have guessed Knowles or Murkowski was the goober.

The reason I didn’t know who she was, was because she was not somebody they wanted to give publicity. If she was the first term Demonicrat pro-abortion goober of Alaska, or anywhere, does anyone who matters doubt that we’d know everthing they wanted us to know about her. So now they have to make up for it with extra negative publicity.

It has to be God that wanted to teach the world a lesson about how a Christian family routinely shows mercy and forgiveness while not undermining the truth of the importance of moral standards to mature, adult, civilized, living.

The purpose of moral standards is not to condemn people. Their purpose is making life better for all the people living it. Morals and ethics (worthy of the name) are pro-life in principle, so no wonder the anti-lifers are uncomfortable with the subject. And there’s nothing wrong with everyone getting a lesson in the shame of embarrassing your mom when she’s trying to run for vice president.

The Law of Moses treated people who did it before they got married, but got married subsequently, pretty much like nothing happened. For at least 3500 years, the virgin bride has been the goal, not the general rule.


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