Liberals ARE Hypocrites!

I found this on a blog.

September 01, 2008

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The Scarlet Letter 

Sigh, I have no self control at all.

Ace comments on the media swarming today:


CNN: A full-court press on the Bristol Palin Preganancy Crisis, I’m told by jenjhis, with lots of concern over public health issues. 

Let’s just cut to the chase so we can move on to more important matters–

Hey, Xtianist Xtremists!!! Listen Up, You Cretins!!!

Bristol Palin is pregnant, man!!! Doesn’t that just burn your toast?!! Doesn’t that just scotch your rum?!!  

Okay, CNN? Have I adequately transmitted your message for you? Got that out of your system?

Can you believe this slovenly trull? How can you even consider voting for Sarah Palin when she turned her own daughter into a Terminator-like Sex Machine?!!

The White House? Or the Bawdy House?!!? Think about it!

Jesus would not approve.


Formatting his. And he’s right. That seems to be what the lefties are hoping for in a reaction from the right.

What’s curious about all this is the way that the lefties (including the MSM) are trying to tailor their message to what they perceive as being the way the evangelical right thinks about things. But what they’re actually doing is believing their own lies and propaganda, and thus attempting to appeal to a gross caricature instead. (And in so doing they are revealing an extremely deep and unacknowledged bigotry.)

When they don’t get the reaction they expect, I’m expecting to start hearing claims of politically-motivated hypocrisy. The logic will be that the Christians are not living up to the caricature that the left holds of the Christians’ views. The Christians won’t act the way that the lefties think Christians should act in a situation like this, which is to go with the full Scarlet Letter treatment on the Palin family, a rejection of the McCain ticket, a refusal to vote, and thus an Obama victory in November.

So as an atheist, let me take you on a tour of Christianity, OK? Christians believe in sin, confession, penance, forgiveness, and redemption. Christians don’t cast out sinners, they cast out sinners who do not repent. And in fact they don’t even do that.

That’s the reason for this, from Dr. James C. Dobson of “Focus on the Family”, a Christian group:


Being a Christian does not mean you’re perfect. Nor does it mean your children are perfect. But it does mean there is forgiveness and restoration when we confess our imperfections to the Lord. I’ve been the beneficiary of that forgiveness and restoration in my own life countless times, as I’m sure the Palins have.

“The media are already trying to spin this as evidence Gov. Palin is a ‘hypocrite,’ but all it really means is that she and her family are human. They are in my prayers and those of millions of Americans.


The Christians are not going to be too concerned about the fact that Bristol got pregnant without being married. They’re not really going to be happy about it, mind, but they’re not going to be too put out about it, either. What’s important to them is what happens after that, and everyone in the Palin family is doing what the Christians think they should.

Rabblerousing attempts by lefties to try to inspire a Scarlet Letter response will rally support to the Palins.

That’s also why Christians are not particularly impressed with lefty attempts to talk about McCain’s divorce. The man went to war and went through years of hell, and when he came back he wasn’t the man he had been before. The love was gone; the relationship was over. It’s a common fate for soldiers, and a sad one.

He divorced his first wife. He then married another woman and has been happily married to her for 30 years. That’s the part that matters. He couldn’t save the first marriage; it was dead. But when he got married again, he was by all accounts a loyal and loving husband, and remains so to this day.

Christians know that people make mistakes, and that people sin. From their point of view, the only man who never sinned was Jesus. They don’t cast out sinners, because they believe that everyone is a sinner. What they look for is people trying to do right as well as they can, to live as good a life as they can, and to try to make up for their mistakes and sins. And from their point of view both McCain and the Palin family are doing so. And as long as they continue doing so, Christian voters won’t turn away from them….”<<<<<<<<<


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