Terrorists Have Zero Rights

By that I mean, a terrorist will inevitably act in such a way as to FORFEIT his or her rights. Same as a burglar has no right not to be shot when they are climbing in your window at 3 AM. Or just as Bonnie & Clyde left police no choice but to ambush them and kill them because otherwise, B&C would still be targeting and killing police unto this day.

As a practical matter, you don’t have rights unless you respect and obey those who are charged with protecting everyone’s rights and administering justice. The cop’s job is not to punish you, but only to deliver you over to the courts for judgement. If you fight the cops, what rights can you possibly have? It’s absurd to claim the cops are violating your rights by delivering you to the courts, for the simplre reason that the court’s job is to determine what is just in your case.

So if you fight the cops, you are fighting justice, and that is something intelligent people will not tolerate.


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